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And the winner is Hov


"my man…"

2 years ago

one of my favorites now + one of my favorite Top 10 ’90s R&B songs

There is something about very over-the-top power ballads that I will always love. Every time it’s like, “I just wish I could belt this song at some damp, dimly lit, dive open mic night; just pour my heart out in front of an unexpecting audience and command the room.” They’re so dramatic and it is exactly that that makes them relatable and everlasting. It’s difficult (not to mention not entirely socially acceptable) to speak those heavy thoughts and to be as dramatic as some things might feel. It’s not like I can tell my closest friends over our weekly dinner, “You don’t understand, sometimes it’s as if my heart speaks to his like ‘only lovers do.’” I can already hear the “pfffftttt, take it down a notch.” Put it in a power ballad though, and suddenly those feelings are validated. Like “Yes, it is that great and that massive, and this is exactly how big it feels.” And if you don’t know know, well then, you just don’t know; and instead of judging me, well, I pity you.

Isn’t this Penn State thing nuts?

I cannot stop reading about it. It’s just so fucking sad and twisted, the SVU episode writes itself. The outcry over Paterno’s termination is just baffling; let the man go out quietly and stop embarrassing yourself, Penn State rioters. After that, reevaluate your morals. 

I understand that for some sports are life. And while I never got wrapped up in collegiate athletics, since it wasn’t really NYU’s thing, I can understand the pride and undying devotion. As a kid (and even now), I bled blue and white every year as I watched the Orlando Magic never quite make it. I cried through every elimination game and was beyond devastated when Shaq left, effectively ending an era. I get it. Sports are crucial, and they build communities and provide people with something to rally behind. 

What I don’t understand is how sports trumps life. At least eight boys were abused in the span of a decade and people think it’s outrageous that a legendary football coach is fired for knowing and turning a blind eye. Yes, he should lose his job as a football coach/father figure/mentor because he failed horribly in this situation. I’d really like for someone to play devil’s advocate and present me the other side of the story because I just cannot see how this is even a debate. He’s not being arrested, which is arguably fair from what I’ve been following, but what other form of accountability would be right if not a termination? A DECADE of abuse. Half of my life has been a decade, and multiple employees on a university payroll allowed this to stay in the dark for that long? And the students are rioting about…? Their football fame going up in flames? Please explain it to me because you are just killing all my faith in humanity, people.

All I’m saying is if Paterno was Coach Taylor*, he would’ve brought Sandusky to justice with his bare hands. 

*Coach Taylor is clearly life’s moral compass.

Fuck it, I was wrong though…

How I’m feeling, it doesn’t matter
Cause you know I’m okay
Instead, I ask myself “why do you hurt me?”
When you know, you know I’m the same
I know, I know that you love me baby
Time to take you away from me
Only over my dead body

-Over My Dead Body, Dreezy 

Yes, I listen to dirty songs about drugs and sex and Taylor Swift in the same work day.